Depend® Protection with Tabs
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Absorbent garment with adjustable side tabs for discreet, open changing.
Six EasyGrip™ tabsadjust for a snug, comfortable custom fit.
Wetness indicator linedisappears when brief requires removing.
Maximum absorbencytraps and locks in odor.
Style - Easy-to-change garment
The cloth-like covered briefs are THE BEST!!!
Having tried the original Depend briefs with the plastic covering and 6 tapes, I was not pleased with the performance of the product. I had constant leaks and many embarrasing experiences due to said leaks and the (at times) loud crinkling of the plastic covering. The new cloth-like covered ones with the 4 tapes are THE BEST YET!!! I have not had any leaks with the new ones, and the soft cloth-like covering is quiet, feels better to wear and does not have the embarrasing crinkle sound of a normal diaper. It has finally given me a reason to switch back to the Depend brand for protection rather than having to buy a more expensive, and often more bulky product that is a lot more noticeable. Deeply saddened that considering the overwhelming demand for a larger size Goodnites underwear with extremely annoying reaction by coming out with a size that of Pull-Ups training pants, and now with what seems like the return of the normal plastic covered Depend briefs, it leaves me struggling to find another product that works and is as comfortable to wear and works as well as these cloth-like covered briefs to keep me dry... deeply disappointed and disheartened by the reactions Depend & GoodNites takes regarding customer concerns and requests.
Posted By:
July 21, 2017
Replaced my son's Goodnights
Great product. My 14 year old son had been wearing Goodnights and plastic pants to bed and for car trips, etc. His Goodnights were getting snug snd leaking so we tried these Depends. With the tapes we need to put these on him but they fit well and keep him dry and his plastic pants still pull over them easily.
Posted By:
June 20, 2017
Love the diaper
this was the first diaper that worked well for me in any outings, quiet rustle of the plastic, the thickness is not too much. However I find that. They do not work well for over night as they seem too leak towards the top of the diaper, mostly the backside. If the absorption zone was more elongated to the waistbands, I would use them for night time usage instead of forsite am/pm. Having too use a huge diaper too keep the urine where it needs to be isn't always fun. Please check into this. Happy long time day use customer
Posted By:
June 12, 2017
Plastic is back.
Glad to have the plastic backed briefs back. Thanks for FINALLY listening to customers.
Posted By:
June 08, 2017
Thank You
I normally do not write reviews, however I felt this was well deserved. I have Becker Muscular Dystrophy, and have been using this product (in its many incarnations) since the mid 90's, back when they were a hideous green (lol). The product was exemplary in its design and function with very minor flaws. as the years progressed you improved this product to near perfection to what is now called Depend Protection with Tabs. I have always felt comfortable (once I became used to wearing them) and they gave me the confidence to live a normal life. Than sadly you jumped on the "cloth like" cover design band wagon. As a person who needs to wear your product 24/7 I feel well informed to say that it was a bad choice, so bad in fact I for the first time in years looked for a replacement with other companies. my complaints were that the new outer layer stuck to my outer garments which created a VERY noticeable outline of the brief! With the plastic outer shell it was not visible because clothing did not adhere to it. the cloth like design offered no advantage over the "classic" plastic, especially since most people did not realize that the plastic was still there, just under the cloth-like cover so it was not any cooler. Another area it did not perform as the classic design was perhaps the most important aspect of this garment, IT LEAKED!! I felt this was attributed to its poor fit. After a few embarrassing accidents, I tried your other products, and found many of the same, if not worse, product flaws. At this point I started looking elsewhere, because Depends was no longer Dependable! A few days ago one of the nurses at my clinic informed me that she saw classic depends on the shelf, but was not sure if it was just old stock or something new. I want to sincerely thank you for your decision to return to the classic design.
Posted By:
June 02, 2017
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Tips To Depend On

Tips to Depend On

  • Peel off some pounds Extra pounds mean excess pressure on your bladder. With a weight loss of just
    5–10%, you can prevent this…and help control
    urinary leakage.
  • Keep on with the Kegels Do 3-4 sets of these pelvic floor muscle exercises every day, and you can strengthen the muscles that help control urination.
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    Daily dose of water

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  • Log your leaks By keeping a bathroom journal and recording fluid intake, bathroom trips and leaks ‒ you’ll discover patterns to share with your doctor.
  • Minimize that odor While you can’t prevent urine odor, you can curb it by drinking more water, taking urine-deodorizing tablets, like vitamin C; or drinking non-citrus juices.
  • Pay attention to your diet Caffeine, alcohol, acidic foods, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks and spices can irritate your bladder. If any of these trigger your leakage, remove them from your diet.
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