Depend® Shields for Men
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Discreet and comfortable protection for light drips and dribbles that fits inside your own underwear.
Ultra-thin absorbent shield is shaped to fit a man’s body.
Strong adhesivelocks product in place in your underwear.
Worry-free odor controltraps and locks in odor.
Depend® Shields for Men are individually wrapped in a discreet-to-carry, pocket-sized package.
Style - Worn in your underwear
Way more confident now!
At age 68, after prostate HIFU treatment, I have been "challenged" by my bladder during the work day. Now using shields, I find that my brain is sort of put on notice that urination can just wait for the next reasonable opportunity. Funny thing that old brain! Way better control now. I resisted for nearly a year, but am glad I finally picked up a box of shields. A simple fix for a very complicated issue.
Posted By:
March 30, 2017
Finally Safe Again
At age 66 I found I was in need of some form of protection for slight bladder leakage. I tried a few things and then got a free sample from Depend and then a coupon and its the best product that I have found so I will stick with it. Thank You!
Posted By:
February 16, 2017
Depend shield s
This is a great product you don't know there there.they fit just right very I feel confident once again. I would recommend this product to everyone
Posted By:
January 12, 2017
works great
I use both shields and guards and they work as advertised. the only thing I wish they had was a larger adhesive strip to hold them in place a little more securely Otherwise no problem.
Posted By:
January 06, 2017
Satisfied customer
I had to deal with incontinence after my radical prostatectomy. I initially used the Depend brief then switched to Depend guard. Just used the liner sample they sent me and I am very satisfied. It's light and very absorbent. However, they don't usually sell these on the supermarkets like Walmart. Will have to order it online. Would highly recommend this product.
Posted By:
December 24, 2016
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Tips To Depend On

Tips to Depend On

  • Peel off some pounds Extra pounds mean excess pressure on your bladder. With a weight loss of just
    5–10%, you can prevent this…and help control
    urinary leakage.
  • Keep on with the Kegels Do 3-4 sets of these pelvic floor muscle exercises every day, and you can strengthen the muscles that help control urination.
  • Daily dose of water Depend tips
    Daily dose of water

    Daily dose of water

    Drinking less makes urine more concentrated, and may irritate the lining of the urethra and bladder. Keep your bladder healthy with at least 50-oz of water a day.
  • Discuss with your doc Urine leakage can be caused by many factors, and may be improved or cured with the right diagnosis. Consult your doctor or a specialist to discuss your situation.
  • Log your leaks By keeping a bathroom journal and recording fluid intake, bathroom trips and leaks ‒ you’ll discover patterns to share with your doctor.
  • Minimize that odor While you can’t prevent urine odor, you can curb it by drinking more water, taking urine-deodorizing tablets, like vitamin C; or drinking non-citrus juices.
  • Pay attention to your diet Caffeine, alcohol, acidic foods, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks and spices can irritate your bladder. If any of these trigger your leakage, remove them from your diet.
  • Learn even more Get even more tips for managing urinary incontinence with articles, FAQs or one of our discussion boards at