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Absorbent garment with adjustable side tabs for discreet, open changing.
Four EasyGrip™ tabsadjust for a snug, comfortable custom fit.
Wetness indicator linedisappears when brief requires removing.
Maximum absorbency traps and locks in odor.
Style - Easy-to-change garment
Pretty good diaper
It took me months to find this diaper in my size. And once got my hands on a pack, I found these to be comfortable. The tabs hold up nicely, but sometimes they don't stick and I have to get some tape (I don't care about that.) I can get 2-3 wettings in before I need to change. I have not tried the new version of this diaper.
Posted By:
August 03, 2016
Better than expected!
I was wary of trying the new redesigned briefs when I saw them at my local pharmacy, but after buying some on sale, I'll have to make them my regular brief! * The cloth-like layer is decently woven and doesn't disintegrate like on other common cloth-backed briefs. The refastenable tapes are likewise solid enough to actually refasten. * The fit and cut are almost exactly the same as the older plastic-backed depends. The S/M size is perfect for just slightly smaller, younger guys like myself who are at the extremes of other products' size ranges (23 years old, 31 in. waist) * The wicking and liquid absorption are very fast -- maybe even better than the plastic-backed ones. You'll barely feel any wetness at all! * There's a cute star print embossed into the cloth-like layer. It's decently cute and helps make them feel less clinical and more fashionable without being weird or creepy like some certain niche brands of brief. All in all, it's a pleasant surprise to find a cloth-backed brief that isn't terrible; these are actually really good! They fit right and stay right, look good while doing it, absorb plenty and absorb it fast, and they fit nicely under clothes. Definite contender for best all-around brief for everyday wear, even if you're young and hip and appreciate not wearing "granny panties".
Posted By:
May 28, 2016
S/M Brief new changes?
I have both heavy fecal and heavy Urinary issues so I wear the Depend tab diapers 24/7. Today I had to buy more but they were out of the small/Medium 6 tabs. So I bought Large with 2 tabs put them on and it felt soooo much better. I can always tell I am wearing an Adult Diaper but with the 2 tabs I feel absolutely nothing until I soil them. But since I found out about the changes and now I am using them I've been wondering why I have only seen the 2 tabs with the Large sizes while Small/Medium is still 6 tab diapers. Are they made at all and I haven't found them yet? Or will the Small/Medium ones always be kept to the six tab plastic covering?
Posted By:
May 23, 2016
Great day time product, great mobility with the 6 tapes, fit is more user adjustable
For me i find these work well and hold up when i need to walk a lot with out the falling apart and the plastic backing is quiet even under thin clothing, other products with a cloth-like out texture cause me to brake out into a heat/friction rash, my theory is the plastic slides better, having the 6 tapes offers more flexibility in how i want it to fit so what they lack in absorbancy is made up for better mobility. I have been using these for years but i have come up with a new problem, i can't find them at any Walmart stores, out of the 5 stores in my area they are all out of stock with no expected date to when they will have them, i had to order a case from HDIS at a higher cost. I may contact there management as well, it's odd because these sell well for Walmart and i don't understand why they are out of stock, in the last 20 some years i have never had a problem finding them till now.
Posted By:
May 21, 2016
I am very satisfied with these diapers. I used to fasten the sticky tapes and you had to fasten them and make sure they were closed or you screwed them up. Now I can just pull the tape and it adjusts in no time. I pooped my pants just recently and they hold the smell in. I thought I was going to be embarrassed by people laughing at me because my diaper was dirty. But the smell and odor doesn't carry. Tremendous improvement. This is because I have overactive bowel syndrome.
Posted By:
May 11, 2016
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Tips to Depend On

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    Daily dose of water

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