Operation Travel: Be Prepared
Summertime, special weekend events and the holidays are a time of joy — yet travel can be anything but. Add incontinence to mix, and you’ve got the potential for added anxiety. But with just a little strategic planning, you can successfully manage incontinence and enjoy your travels—worry free!

Attack it with high-tech. Driving to your destination has its advantages. It allows you to stop whenever you need to…that is, if there happens to be a convenient exit or a restroom nearby. Using a GPS when you hit the road will help you find bathrooms in any location, from rest stops to restaurants. You can also download toilet-finder apps for your smart phone to help locate bathrooms wherever, even when you’re not in the car.

Pack smart. The car trunk may be stuffed, but be sure to pack a smaller changing bag last with your incontinence supplies and extra clothes. Place it on top of the pile so it’s easily accessible during stops.

When traveling by air, bus, or train, bring a carry-on with Depend® Underwear, wet wipes, a change of clothes, and a plastic bag for used absorbent products. (Some onboard bathrooms may not have a garbage for discarding used products. Placing them in airtight plastic bags makes it easy to throw them out later.)

Execute strategic seating. On planes, trains, or buses, request an aisle seat for easier access to the restroom. And consider taking a spot near the rear of an airplane. That way, when the seatbelt sign is no longer illuminated, you’ll be first in line.

Maneuver long lines. Visiting malls, museums, theatres and any public places can mean waiting in long lines and standing among crowds. You don’t want to be stuck in a throng of people when the urge hits. Plan ahead by visiting the restroom at scheduled intervals instead of waiting until you feel the need to go.

Practice routine drills. Vacations are perfect for spending time with friends and relatives; not so good for incontinence. If you have a usual routine for eliminating, make routine diet choices, or perform a daily exercise routine, do your best to stick with it while traveling. It can make a big difference to both your mind and body.